I declare responsibly that I have received the necessary recommendations from the personnel of my gym to visit a doctor for the certification of my good health in order to engage in physical exercise. However, I take responsibility regarding my health status until I provide a medical certificate as requested during my registration. I declare that I am aware of the gym’s operating regulations, which include operating hours, internal regulations, and the payment method for my participation, and I fully accept them.

Gym Regulations Regarding Medical Certificate

A medical certificate from a cardiologist or pathologist is required for participation in exercise programs. The validity period of the medical certificate is 6 months.

Operation of Departments and Program Execution

The gym reserves the right to cancel and/or modify any department or program, either for safety reasons or due to insufficient participation, or for reasons it deems appropriate.


– Packages are nominal, not transferable to another person.
– Appointments must be booked at least one hour in advance.
– Appointment cancellation should be done at least 3 hours before the scheduled session and for the personal 12 hours before the scheduled session. Otherwise, the training is billed as if it had taken place and there is no possibility of cancellation or replacement.
– In all subscription packages there is a time frame during which the sessions must take place. in 30 days from your payment. in case that the training sessions of the package you selected do not take place and the time limit expires they are not transferred and are lost.


The gym assumes absolutely no responsibility for damage to property or personal injury resulting from careless or irresponsible use of the facilities and/or due to negligent, irresponsible, or reckless behaviour within them. The gym bears absolutely no responsibility for any loss of personal items and valuable objects that users bring with them during their stay at the gym. The gym reserves the right to refuse user registration for any reason.